A Raspberry Pi experience

For the first time I attended a Raspberry Pi session at the city central library in Hull with my kids. It was an engaging and interesting experience for me to see how kids can easily manoeuvre technology within minutes or at times seconds, without any prior knowledge to such an effective engaging experience, both educationally and fun-wise.

The session was very hands-on and the main facilitator Claire Garside of HullRaspJam showed tremendous energy along with other key facilitators, as well as the attendees. The presence of parents along with their kids during the session that lasted about three hours with a lot of deep learning going on and with little or no interference by parents or any behaviour management related issue is something that I believe any teacher would crave for.

One of the highlights of the event was of a little girl of around the age of five or so, who was busy programming are raspberry pi gadget whilst her father was driving, even though she had never been taught how to do it before. Also, there was a presentation by a software engineer, who built a system that could capture sound waves, and there were many other little ingenious ideas that were showcased at the event. So, if you are not really into tech like me and you can lay your hands on any of the Raspberry Pi products, I’ll advise you to get one and explore a unique educational experience with kids.

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