A Layman’s suggestions on the challenges facing #Almajiranci education system in Nigeria

Source: Almajiri Child Rights Initiative

While I do not have a direct experience  of most of the challenges facing the #Almajiranci education system in Nigeria, I have some suggestions on how I think they can be addressed. My suggestions are informed by my experience and knowledge of educational methodologies and alternative education provision, particularly at the communication education level and lifelong learning. 

These are some of my suggestions on the issue: 

Government need to properly define ‘compulsory education’: 

Good public education should be made accessible to families: 

Registration of #Almajiri schools should be made mandatory: 

The system should be integrated into the mainstream education system: 

The Nigerian education system needs to widen its provisions: 

Integrate subjects like Maths and English language into the system: 

Government should make births and deaths registration with local governments mandatory: 

The Emirates have a key role to play: 

There’s need to find a centre point among all stakeholders: 

Use advocacy to engage with communities: 

The challenges in the system should be addressed from the position of ABCD: 

Outdoor learning is a good and affordable means of providing education: 

Education practitioners and policy makers can learn from the agriculture and health sectors outreach programmes: 

Education experts should design a model and toolkit that ‘Numeracy/Literacy Field Instructors‘ can work with:  

We should consider flipping the system: 

Please let me know other point/s you think I should have added by leaving commenting in the comment section below. 

Thanks for taking out of your precious time to read my article/s!

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  1. says: Fayo Williams

    Thanks a lot for this summary @otukogbe. Surely, we are ignoring the #Almajiranci system at our own peril. Solutions must be proffered by all stakeholders and an acceptable reform instituted.

    1. says: Abdulghaniy Kayode Otukogbe

      We’ll keep pushing for the best for all children irrespective of their socioeconomic status.
      Thanks a lot for reading my post and your kind comment.

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