A lesson learned from the birds

Some months ago I decided to put a bird feeder in the back garden and spread some wild bird food in it and pour water into a small container and place it in the middle of the feeder.

I waited and expected the birds to react instantly and come to the feeder – after all they’ve been coming to the garden to feed on the worms and other suitable bird foods they find in the lawn, constantly tweeting; but they refused to go to the bird feeder for days that seemed to be like years to me.

Then, they started coming and it was the Pigeons that first started coming, then the Robins came. I love Robins, I admire: their gracefulness, the fact that there is beauty and dignity in their being small, their swiftness in reactions.

Then, came a period of glut; I left the feeder without food for a while due to life’s distractions and when my wife decided to put some wild birds food in the feeder, the birds are not coming as frequently as they used to in the past. Maybe they’ve found sanctuary, sustenance and succour elsewhere? I hope it won’t take too long before flocks of birds start coming back to the feeder again!

Patience is a virtue.

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